PE International 2024 Agenda

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Monday 15th April 2024 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception
Tuesday 16th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
09:10 Housekeeping by Rob Harper - Conference Chair for the morning session
Technology Developments in WBG: SiC, GaN and Beyond Sponsored by SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.
09:20 Aluminum Scandium Nitride (AlScN) a novel material for power electronic applications
Presented by Ali Yassine - University Freiburg
09:40 Facing SiC Challenges Thanks to UV Laser Annealing Products from SCREEN
Presented by Louis Thuries - SCREEN SPE
10:00 Cost-effective SiC substrate manufacturing for power devices enabled by oxide-free wafer bonding
Presented by Dr. Bernd Dielacher - EV Group
10:20 Morning Break
11:00 SuperGaN’s Performance Advantages Challenging SiC’s Long-Term Use
Presented by Philip Zuk - Transphorm
11:20 Exploring WBG's technical advances with a glimpse into next UWBG
Presented by Taha Ayari - Yole Group
11:40 Electronic Packaging Materials for SiC Power Modules
Presented by Dr. Michael Joerger - Heraeus Electronics
12:00 Gallium Oxide – Taking over from SiC?
Presented by Martin Kuball - University of Bristol
12:20 Lunch Break
13:35 Ezgi Dogmus - Conference Chair for afternoon session
13:35 PowerElec – new metrological tools for quality control of wide bandgap semiconductors
Presented by Sebastian Wood - NPL
13:55 Novel interconnect and packaging technologies for power module manufacturing
Presented by Huub Claassen - Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology
14:15 SiC technology optimisation using advanced modelling tools
Presented by Ahmed Nejim - Silvaco
14:35 Advanced Lapping and polishing processes for SiC Wafers for sustainable and cost effective wafers
Presented by Dr. Ravi Bollina - Pureon AG
14:55 Afternoon Break
Silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs: Evolving for the Future
15:35 High voltage power switch: continuous silicon development as contributor to the green transition
Presented by Antonino Gaito - STMicroelectronics
15:55 Future developments within IGBTs, and how they may coexist with SiC
Presented by Callum Middleton - Omdia
16:15 Closing Remarks
16:20 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception
Wednesday 17th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
09:10 Housekeeping by Denis Marcon - Conference Chair for morning session
System Reliability - Testing Times
09:20 SCREEN’s Sustainable Cost-of-Ownership (CoO) Portfolio for Thickness Measurement and Wafer Inspection in Power Devices, Automotive, and IoT Applications
Presented by Alessandro Rossi - SCREEN SPE
09:40 Enabling Test Automation in Power Electronics Reliability
Presented by Andrea Vinci - Tektronix
10:00 How to Correctly Select a High Definition Oscilloscope and Probe for SiC and GaN Power Device Measurement Accuracy
Presented by Maurizio Mastrofini - Teledyne LeCroy
Capacity Across the Supply Chain
10:20 The Power Play : Unveiling Capacity Challenges in SiC and GaN Industries
Presented by Ezgi Dogmus - Yole Group
10:40 Morning Break
GaN - Widening the Application Space
11:20 How to unleash the power savings of GaN in high power, high voltage applications
Presented by Rupert Baines - QPT
11:40 New Opportunities for Gallium Nitride in Power, Sensing and RF
Presented by Rob Harper - Compound Semiconductor Centre
12:00 Activating GaN’s Full Potential with Digital Control for Enhanced Performance Across All Electronics Sectors
Presented by Thierry Bouchet - Wise Integration
12:20 Price competitive GaN power devices to enhance performances, shrinking size and lowering cost of power conversion solutions
Presented by Denis Marcon - Innoscience Europe BV
12:40 GaN is widening the applications field in power electronics
Presented by Eric Moreau - STMicroelectronics
13:00 Bi-directional circuits open up new opportunities in off-grid applications
Presented by Alfred Hesener - Navitas
13:20 Lunch Break
Upgrading the GRID – The Role of Power Electronics (inc. Energy Waste and Efficiency)
14:35 Peter Friedrichs - Conference Chair for afternoon session
14:35 High-Voltage Silicon Carbide Enables an Omnidirectional Grid
Presented by Kevin Speer - Microchip
14:55 The grid of the future and how SiC power devices will enable the transition towards zero CO2
Presented by Peter Friedrichs - Infineon
15:15 3.3 kV SiC MOSFETs Accelerate Grid-Connected Energy Storage
Presented by Ranbir Singh - Navitas
15:35 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 20 Apr 2024 at 8:18pm.