Two days, 6 themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentation at Power Electronics International 2024 are grouped into 6 key themes which collectively provided complete coverage of the global power electronics industry.

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Capacity Across the Supply Chain

Capacity across the supply chain in power electronics refers to the ability of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to meet the demand for power electronic components, systems, and services. It involves ensuring sufficient production capacity, reliable sourcing of materials, and efficient distribution channels to support the industry's growth and requirements.

Silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs: Evolving for the Future

Silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) are evolving to meet future power electronics needs. Advancements focus on improving efficiency, power density, switching speeds, and thermal performance for a wide range of applications.

Technology Developments in WBG: SiC, GaN and Beyond

Developments in wide-bandgap (WBG) materials like SiC (silicon carbide), GaN (gallium nitride) and newcomers such as Ga2O3 (gallium oxide) promise higher efficiencies, faster switching speeds, and increased power density to power electronics.

GaN - Widening the Application Space

GaN (gallium nitride) is beginning to move into new and higher power applications bringing its high efficiency, fast switching speeds, and compact size to electric vehicles, renewable energy, data centres, and more.

Upgrading the GRID – The Role of Power Electronics (inc. Energy Waste and Efficiency)

Power electronics plays a vital role in upgrading the power grid by enabling advanced control, conversion, and integration of renewable energy sources.

System Reliability - Testing Times

System reliability in power electronics is ensured through rigorous testing. Methods such as thermal, electrical, and environmental stress testing help identify failure modes and improve product quality for consistent performance and longevity.