Scams: Information for AngelTech Attendees and Sponsors

Last updated: 1 September 2023 at 14:23 GMT (10 months ago)
Attendees and Sponsors are being targeted by scammers claiming to be, or work with AngelTech and the event's organisers, Angel Business Communications. They sometimes use existing event branding, email signatures and may appear genuine. In the past this has included directories and hotel bookings but companies are now also claiming they can sell visitor data from events. This is not the case.
A list of fraudulent companies claiming to hold contact lists and special offers on hotel bookings include:
Any official AngelTech representative will have an email address from one of the following websites:
Attendees and Sponsors need to be vigilant, read the small print, inform their exhibition, marketing and finance teams about the risk of scams and check with the organisers if they receive anything they are not expecting or are unsure of.
Under no circumstances does AngelTech or the event's organisers (Angel Business Communications) sell or pass on visitor data to third parties and any company claiming to hold such information is fraudulent. We advise anyone receiving such communications not to respond or communicate with the company in any way and delete it immediately.
To report a fraudulent email not on this list, please contact or orward the email to [email protected].